Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sculpture Part II Opening at Western Project by Cole

Western Project closed out summer 2008 with the second of two sculpture shows, Sculpture Part II August 9. Nagasaki, anybody? It was a beautiful evening outside at the bar kicking it with WP's Keven, a little warm inside though so WP's Erin was doing a lot of plein air photography. Western Project rock star painter and fellow Otis instructor Carole Caroompas was there along with Tanya Batura (getting ready to kick off the gallery's fall schedule next month), lots of painters (Roland Reiss, Lester Monzon) and those double-threat-I-can-paint-AND-sculpt maestros Michael Reafsnyder and Wayne White. It was also great to see Artillery Magazine's Ezhra Jean Black out again making the rounds. I liked Mike Dee's crazy big spider guys and Michael's wacky monsters, some were straight out of Star Trek Original Series or Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas. Wayne's carved wood sculptures were a personal favorite, especially the smallest one, "Dreaming". August (die she must) is upon us and it's vacation/travel season, gallery owner Cliff is off to visit India for the first time, should be quite an adventure! WP's Kirsten introduced me the guy who designed the groovy downloadable WP mandala (get it here, it will bring you good luck!), he was totally cool and is also a big Arcade Fire fan so how can you go wrong? Kris and I are trying to come up with a sexier name for this blog, if you have any ideas run 'em up the proverbial flagpole! SOOTYCK, xo Cole