Sunday, March 30, 2008

L.E.S. Art Walk

Sunday afternoon I partook in the L.E.S. art walk. I couldn't wait to go because every other minute a new gallery opens the neighborhood. The energy is great and so are most of the spaces. It's definitely the new hot spot so it will be interesting to watch how things unfold over the next few years.

I intend for this post to serve as a resource for L.E.S. galleries. Below are links to all of the participating galleries, along with images of some of the galleries I visited.

Rivington Arms
Participant Inc.
Feature Inc.
Sunday L.E.S.
Fruit & Flower
Lehmann Maupin
Salon 94 Freemans
The New Museum
31 Grand
Museum 52
Thierry Goldberg
Eleven Rivington
Jen Bekman
Simon Preston
Thrust Projects
Miguel Abreu
Lisa Cooley
Reena Spaulings
James Fuentes

Eleven Rivington

Lehmann Maupin

31 Grand

Sunday L.E.S.

Fruit & Flower



LA Art pt2

The LA Art fair really had it's act together. It was for sure the best to look at art and talk with people about what is was the walls. No high pressure here, but it is LA and that is how business is done in LA. It was nice to see familiar faces and meet new ones. I think this fair gets it right in having a clear focus that makes it easy for people to know what your going to get. despite the lake of crowds (most of which are lookie loos) sales were good, which is the point at an art trade show.

Here are a couple more picks from the fair with links to the gallery website.

Chris Martin @ Daniel Weinberg Gallery
Dike Blair @ Mary Goldman Gallery
Steve DiBenetto @
Daniel Weinberg Gallery
Jacob Magraw @ Richard Heller

Armory pt2

The second run of the Armory was mostly the same as the opening with a couple of differences. One being, it's much better going as a VIP because the crowds during the weekend were crazy. Luckily we had a friend that was already in line so we did not wait long. Inside was a zoo, but I did manage to see or notice some work that I did not see on the first run. In the end, I think it's worth going to these things from time to time just to see what is going on with artists from abroad. This year's fairs were far more interesting than the Whitney Biennial by a long shot, but that's for another post. Stay tuned!

Here is a list of links of artists and their galleries.

Terry Winters @ Matthew Marks
Clare Woods @ Buchmann Galerie
Rodney McMillian @ Susanne Vielmetter
Jacqueline Humphries @ Stuart Shave Modern Art
Francis Picabia @ Patrick Painter, Inc
Barnaby Furnas @ Marianne Boesky

Pulse Fair

After seeing two other fairs early in the day, I was not sure I would be able to even take in the work at Pulse NY. Needless to say I am glad I took the time and the walk along the Hudson from Chelsea to the Fair. There was more hits than misses and I found myself genuinely excited from what I saw.

Here is a list of Artist and links to their galleries.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya @ Envoy
Abochi @ Galerie Sefan Ronke
Dan Steinhilber @ G fine art
Tobias Lehner @ UNION
Ryan Wallace @ Envoy
Robert Sagerman @ Margaret Thatcher Projects
Matthias Reinmuth @ ASPN

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bridge Art Fair NY

The Bridge Art Fair was fun and up tempo. The fair hosted international galleries showing work from young and/or experimental artists.

Here is a listing of the picks with links.

Omar Chacon @ Greene Contemporary
Lauren Kalman @ Sienna Gallery
Wang Guangle @ aye Gallery
Peter Fox @ The Hogar Collection
Peter Reginato @ white 8