Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marlene Dumas at MOCA by Cole

Hi guys, I checked out the Marlene Dumas show at MOCA Thursday and really enjoyed it. I went in with like zero expectations, not especially high, not especially low. What I really loved in this show were her works on paper, especially huge grids of serial portraits like "Models" and "Jesus Serene." Being an Oily Boy, I never give much thought to working in ink and/or acrylic and/or watercolor on paper, but this show inspired me for sure to try it out with a vengeance! The portraits look waaayyy fresh and immediate, and Dumas really has her control of these very volatile and unpredictable mediums, like, SO down. Speaking of which, when did the plural of"medium" become "mediums" and not "media"? Hmmmmmm The MOCA camera nazis were on patrol so no guerrilla shots with this post, only what I could download from the MOCA website. The dead "Marilyn" is her most recent painting, from this year, and it may be petite but it's a killer. "Painter" and her oil portraits of babies were awesome too. Her porn stuff didn't light my fire as much as those baby portraits, what does THAT say? Yikes! NYC/LA connection with this show: Connie Butler, ex-MOCA now-MOMA curated the show. We miss her out here! You lucky New Yorkers! Tonight Western Project has their second group sculpture show to close out the summer, I'll take some pix to post in the next few day or so. Stay out of trouble you crazy kids! xo Cole