Sunday, August 17, 2008

East Coast Colors Hand Made Paint

As a blogger I often brows other blogs and last weekend found a post on Art Fag City for East Coast Colors. I was instantly curious about this paint. I made an appointment with Jacob Ouillette the paint maker and master mind behind East Coast Colors the very next day. Jacob makes the paint in small batches and sells it directly out of his studio. Cash and personal checks only at this point. When you come in there is only the tubed paint laying on a table, a color board, palette with paint on it and some of Jacob's paintings against the wall. Jacob took me through his line of colors. Then led me over to the palette so I can see first hand how some of the paint behaves by letting me spread some around with a palette knife.

Colors you should check out are, Lemon Ochre, Italian Orange Earth, Bohemian Green Earth, Cad Maroon, Cad Red Purple, Cadmium Brown, Titanium Yellow, Emerald Green, Ultramarine Violet, Ultramarine Pink, Iron-Oxide Black bluish and Transparent yellow oxide just to name a few.

After painting with these paints I am more than satisfied with my purchases. The lemon Ochre is everything I ever wanted in an Ochre but could not find. The Italian Orange Earth adds a fiery, smoldering warmth to oranges and reds.

East Coast Colors is a very new company. More colors are on the way. Jacob will be more than happy to talk with you about things to come. Who ever heard of a Blue Ochre? The great thing about Jacob is that he understands the needs of younger painters.

All photographs were taken from the East Coast Colors website.