Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kirchner and the Berlin Street @ MoMA

Mid-August in the New York art world is like a desert. Everyone is out of town, either in the Hamptons or Hudson Valley, and most galleries are closed or on shorter schedules. Kirchner and the Berlin Street at MoMA is a much needed oasis with plenty to go around. I was excited for months when I learned this show was coming.

The show does not disappoint. The paintings sparkle off the wall – each one inviting you to come closer. I was surprised to notice how fresh these paintings seemed and how many now famous German artists owe much to Kirchner.

The paintings are great, but the real treat is the pastels. They hit me in the face most unexpectedly. They are bold, direct and seem as fresh as the day they were made.

I have to give MoMA props for the generous online exhibition made for this show. It's very exciting and here is why: It's totally interactive and shows most of the work in the show. Here is the best and I think most generous part: be sure to click on sketchbooks, because the Museum actually scanned some of his sketchbooks, and you can virtually flip through the books. 


Photos taken from MoMA website as there is not photography allowed.