Saturday, May 31, 2008

Anish Kapoor @ Gladstone Gallery 24th St

Anish Kapoor @ Gladstone Gallery 24th St is a thoughtful show of the artist's new work. This is a two-part show. The images on this blog are of the show at the 24th St gallery.
I enjoyed experiencing each piece in it's own room and that all the works are red yet distinctly different in form and texture.

Click here for more info on this show and the one at the 21st St gallery.

Kim Fisher @ John Connelly Presents

Kim Fisher @ John Connelly Presents is a wonderfully consistent show of the LA artist's new paintings.
Fans of the blog may remember the post of Kim's collages at the Armory Fair.

Click here for more info on this show.

Christopher Wool @ Luhring Augustine

Christopher Wool @ Luhring Augustine is a nice mix of works on paper and paintings with the artist's relatively new process of painting lines with black enamel and rubbing them out with a rag.

Click here for more info on this show

Click here for the artists website

Robert Therrien @ Gagosian 24th St

Robert Therrien @ Gagosian 24th St is a pleasant surprise. Upon entering the gallery you feel like Alice in Wonderland after taking the shrinking elixir.

Just as a side note, I totally got busted taking this photo. I'm not sure what the deal is because every other gallery is just fine with it. I tried to get more but once I was busted the guards were hot on my trail. No worries though, you can go here to the gallery website for more info.

Neo Rauch @ David Zwirner

Every artist I know, from internationally recognized to yet-to-be-discovered, all say they would give their right arm to show with David Zwirner. It's easy to see why, with such an impeccable space and eye for the placement of the work. An all-star stable of artists helps as well.

Take Neo Rauch for instance. This show is amazing! I know I'll be making a trip back before is closes.

The person in pic #2 is none other than artist Omar Chacon. We went gallery hopping in Chelsea, Friday May 30th.

Chick here for more info on this show.

Michael Zahn as Michael Zahn @ Eleven Rivington

On Thursday May 29 Eleven Rivington opened Michael Zahn as Michael Zahn. These are photos of the opening. The more I see from this space the more I like it. Every show is expertly curated and they seem to get a lot out of a small store front on Rivington St.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nicolás Guagnini @ Fruit and Flower Delie

On May 25 the Oracle at Fruit and Flower Deli said there should be a show with Nicolas Guagnini's work. The opening corresponds with the closing of Nico's work at Orchard 47. According to the Oracle, this is not a coincidence. The Oracle says there are no coincidences.
It is my understanding that Orchard 47 will be closing for good.

Fruit and Flower is a unique space and is run like no other. For instance it is run by an Oracle. There is also the keeper, who keeps and will always keep. There is never a press release and mailing list. The gallery encourages interaction of a more personal kind. it's cool to show up and talk about art and other things.

This is a fun space with an Oracle who cares about art and a keeper who keeps. I highly recommend stopping by. By the way, Fruit and Flower is never open, but you are always welcome.

Enjoy cruising the website as well, it is like no other and is fun to explore. Just don't expect it to be a typical gallery website, this is far from a typical gallery.