Saturday, February 16, 2008

The New Museum

I think it fitting that my first post, here in my new home of New York City, be about the New Museum's first show in its new Lower East Side space. The show, called "unmonumental," seemed a global extension of the Hammer's show "Thing" a few years back, focusing on sculpture in Los Angeles. Love it or hate it, it is refreshing to see a Museum take risks in showing young artists and not the standard mid-career art stars
Because cameras were not allowed, the images of work in the show are taken from
The rest are by me!
The New Museum facade.

A view from the top.

From left to right: Myth Monolith (liberation movement) Marc Andre Robison, View of exhibition.

From Left to right: Split Endz (wig mix) Jim Lambie, View of cafe lobby. 
I love the chairs!

View of street signage.